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IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Photofacial in Ridgefield, WA

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What is IPL?

When you struggle with how your skin looks because of sun damage or dark spots, Nuance Medspa can offer you a skin analysis at our Ridgefield, WA office to see if you'll benefit from intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. An IPL photofacial is a noninvasive skin rejuvenation treatment for patients with hyperpigmentation problems on their neck and face. Board-certified physician Dr. Do sends intense wavelengths of light that raise the temperature of the skin cells to set off the natural regeneration process and boost collagen production. Over time, you should see a healthier complexion with a more even tone and fewer dark spots.

Ideal Candidates for IPL

An IPL photofacial reaches the deeper layers of your skin to treat many complexion blemishes (especially sun spots and brown lesions) with minimal or no recovery needed. Ideal candidates for IPL treatments at Nuance Medspa may have a combination of issues with their skin, including rosacea, sun damage, hyperpigmentation (brown spots), rough texture, large pores, flushing, freckles, sun and age spots, or spider veins. Dr. Do will assess your complexion to determine if you are a candidate for an IPL photofacial during your initial consultation.

What to Expect with IPL

There is no recovery time needed with a photofacial treatment. You may leave your appointment with your complexion a little red and swollen. Nuance Medspa advises you to apply a cream on the skin's surface to minimize any irritation and promote healing. Over the course of several days, the sun damage and other irregularities that rested under the skin will rise to the surface and then begin to flake off. It's important to protect your skin with sunscreen at all times after an IPL photofacial treatment and to not pick at the flaking skin. Dr. Do recommends approximately 3 – 6 sessions scheduled every four weeks at Nuance Medspa.

Smoother, Healthier Skin

You probably didn't think too much about your skin's health when you had clear skin, but now that environmental damage like hyperpigmentation and other problems are developing, you now may be interested in procedures to fix your skin. We invite you to contact our Ridgefield, WA office to learn more about IPL treatments, as well as cost and financing information. 

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